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Nisargadatta Maharaj

``Realize that whatever you think yourself to be is just a stream of events; that while all happens, comes and goes, you alone are, the changeless among the changeful, the self-evident among the inferred. Separate the observed from the observer and abandon false identifications.``
Source: I Am That – Nisargadatta Maharaj (Chetana (P) Limited Bombay)


Avatar is a course based upon the simple concept that your beliefs will cause you to create or attract the experiences you are having. When you change what you believe, you also change your life.


“The power of the Avatar® materials comes from the same fundamental principles that govern creation.

The first principle, the one that may take some getting used to, is that both the physical universe and personal consciousness arise from a definitionless adimensional presence, which Avatar materials refer to as awareness, life source, or pure beingness. Every effort to measure, define or describe this presence is ultimately a failure, still…

All of the struggles between self and world come from an ignorance of this first principle. At first the separation between your consciousness and the universe seems an insurmountable abyss, an evilly brilliant trap. Then the technology of Avatar appears and you begin to get your first vague experience of something that underlies and connects the mental and the physical, a unifying presence-a definitionless, adimensional awareness.”


source: ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness by Harry Palmer. © 1994; 2004 Avatar® and ReSurfacing® are registered trademarks of Star’s Edge, Inc. All rights reserved.
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